5 tips for hair care (THAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!) With your hair

You already know how your hair looks better. It has that way of yours when it comes to drying, you like it better when the strands are of a certain length ... And you know what troubles you by heart and color, right? But, say it to me, wouldn't it be great to solve all the problems at home in relation to what bothers you the most about your hair? This post is for that! After all, how to take care of your hair in a practical, easy way that makes a difference on a daily basis - without it costing us a kidney? See more at hair care

Yes babe , there is no need to hit the spot in the salon to maintain the appearance and health of the hair. Just bet on some basic care and are valid for any type of hair! We here at "writing" found that simple things in daily care go completely unnoticed by many women ... Believe me, we think you know ... wash your hair and shovel , discovers that he knows nothing!

Start in the shower, or before it!

Ah, this seems obvious, but as I said above, it is not! One of the secrets that are worth gold is brushing the threads before washing them. It activates circulation, you know? In curly and curly hair, the rule does not apply: prefer to remove the knots under the water. Another little secret, this yes, already known, is to avoid hot water , which removes the protective layer of hair and leaves cuticles open.

No… just don't use too much shampoo or conditioner

Okay, that topic could be there in the shower part, but it seems so harmless to most women that it deserves a place in the sun! Remember that maxim "nothing in excess is good" and think about it when applying the products inside the box. First of all, using shampoo and conditioner in the right amounts is essential to achieve the desired effect.

Oh, and never, never apply conditioner to the root! The correct thing is to apply on the length and ends and only then, when rinsing, take that hand closer to the scalp, followed by a lot of water to remove everything ok? If you insist on the idea, you may have flaking, in addition to excessive oil.

Cut without taking too long

The right thing is to trim the ends of your hair every 40 or 60 days. I know, this time doesn't always seem long enough for the hair to grow as long as we want, but the truth is that if you take too long to cut, the split ends will take over, or the strands will start to break even - doing with you to cut a lot more than desired when you decide to actually go to the hairdresser.

Use the heat to your advantage

Think like this: in water, he is not welcome, but when it is time to moisturize, he is - after all, it is the warmest temperature that opens the hair cuticles , which act as a gateway for the nutrients that are arriving. Want to use a hairdryer, babyliss, flat iron? Invest in the thermal protector to avoid heat damage, do not place the dryer on the same strand for more than 5 seconds and apply cold air to fix the hairstyle. And, if you can, bet on the natural beauty of your hair!

Adopt other simple habits

Pay attention to details; run away from fine combs, for example, as they break the hair fiber. Not sleeping with wet hair is also essential for maintaining hair health. Try not to use bare rubber bands so as not to weaken or break the threads. And always use products specific to your hair type!

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